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Contact Improvisation Links:    
  National CI gathering for Australia
  international improvisation festival in Italy
Information about CI in Swizterland / Europe
Information about CI in Germany
Information about CI in England
Information about the Blackforest Jam
Information about CI in Insbruck
Contact Quarterly magazine, USA
CI in den USA & Worldwide
  Workshop & retreat centre in Plainfield, MA, USA
open CI web for exchange of CI thoughts
  itinerary of contact events for Martin Keogh - plus writings, images and interviews
  teaching and performing schedule of contact pioneer Nancy Stark Smith
  Edgar Jansen, artist specialised in drawing dance, particularly CI
  Adam Gottlieb, emerging performer, teacher
  Jacob Lehrer and David Corbet, events, images, video of performance improv
Other links:    
  Annalise Friend, dance performer and teacher
Center for moving arts in Melbourne, Australia
  a web site for dancers, and other cultural and social workers
  Internet dance resource site
  Southern Italy studio with lots of contact workshops
Australia wide dance advocacy and information
Stamping Ground Dance Festival, NSW, Australia
SideStep - NZ dance writings site
RealTime magazine - contemporary arts in Australia 
  Choreographic Centre in Canberra, Australia
  Janis Claxton - dancer, teacher, improvisor, choreographer
Web Directory of several topics including Dancers, Dance Companies & More and more.  

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