Joerg Hassmann Workshops – November-ish 2013

Joerg Hassmann will be visiting Australia towards the end of the year, teaching in Perth, Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne. See all the details for each city below.

Joerg & Zuly by Narayani VimalJoerg Hassmann

Joerg Hassmann (Germany)

CI was the starting point for his dance passion in ’92. Soon he was driven by creating dance and theatre pieces, bringing improvisation on stage. Anatomy based movement explorations, contemporary dance, ideas from BMC, Capoeira, play and the joy of discovery became his main influences. He got deep inspirations from Lilo Stahl, Julyen Hamilton, David Zambrano and Frey Faust. But labbing and teaching have been his main teachers and he has been fortunate enough to teach all over the world. In 1995, Joerg started teaching CI and dance improvisation. In 2000, he noticed that dance had become his full time occupation and he happily imagines to continue another 20 years.

Seven years ago he started teaching CI training programmes in Berlin together with Daniel Werner, where they developed their systematic approach to contact technique ( He is also involved as the artistic director in the annual Contact Festival “contact-meets-contemporary” in Goettingen/ Germany (


Perth   |   Adelaide   |   Sydney   |  Melbourne


Perth  –  October 27

Sunday, 27 Oct: 9am – 3pm (with 60 min break)

Title: momentum & dynamics
We will work with elasticity in the touch, in the connections within the body and between the two bodies sharing the dance. This will enable us to communicate changes of speed and direction in (almost) any moment.
On an anatomical level we will focus on the myo-fascia web and the joints.
A basic understanding of CI is extremely helpful to follow this workshop.

Location: Chrisse Parrots Arts, 4 Sussex St, Maylands
Fee: $60
Contact: Emily Bowman –, 0431 510 782


Adelaide   –  November 8 – 10

Friday, 8 Nov: 6 – 9pm
Saturday, 9 Nov: 10am – 1.30pm (with a mini break)
Sunday, 10 Nov: 10am – 4.30pm (with 75-90 min break)

Title: simple and advanced basics
The simple things are also the doors for more depth, precision, quality and complexity. I will share material that I have been developing with my Collegue Daniel Werner in the last seven years in our CI training programme in Berlin. We call it a ‘systematic approach’, using developmental movement patterns as the base for the most common CI situations. Navigating our way in a committed dance through all levels of the space with a very juicy connection that is based on listening and driven by the subtile or rich power of an alive and articulate center.
The workshop will give space for individual needs and timings and – of course – for enjoying the dance.
open level (joining on Saturday possible for people with a little CI experience)

Location: Friedrich Jahn Gymnasium, Level 2, SA German Association, 223 Flinders Street, Adelaide
: $150, $20 reduction for early birds (deadline October 7)
Contact: Eileen Hennessy –


Sydney  –  November 23 – 24

Saturday, 23 Nov: 11am – 6pm (75-90 min break)
Sunday, 24 Nov: 11am – 5pm (60-75 min break)

Title: suspension – the art of waiting
I like the idea of suspension and waiting on a technical level as well as for the improvisational side of CI. Technically we will work on subtle inner streches, connecting to the fascia system of the body, noticing how pre-tention is built up in the body before the actual movemnet follows. A sense of inner connectedness and three-dimensionality is occurring easily, based on a deep inner listening as the base for also dynamic movements. In the communication through touch we will focus on the little delay in following, waiting for the neccessity to move, streching time and space which creates more choices in our dance.
On the improv side there will be an amphasize on arriving, noticing where we are. From that point things want to happen almost by itself. I am happy to minimize the ‘doing and being creative mode’ to let ourselves being surprised from what appears. Getting more by doing less.

Location: Critical Path, The Drill Hall, 1c New Beach Rd, Rushcutters Bay, Sydney
Fee: $180, $20 reduction for early birds (deadline October 23)
Contact: Caterina Mocciola –


Melbourne  –  November 29 – December 1

Friday, 29 Nov: 6 – 8.30pm
Saturday, 30 Nov: 1 – 8pm (75-90 min break).
Sunday, 1 Dec: 2 – 8pm (60-75 min break)

Title: trust in the backspace
The specific thing about the backspace is that we can’t see it and it is also hard to enter it with our hands. It is a scary place, which is out of our control, where the unknown waits for us. Ingrained fear patterns help us to not go there. One gift of contact improvisation is to find the support from a partner to enter this space behind us easily, still with a sense of excitement and rewarded by a lot of pleasure. I will share the basics techniques that make the space behind us accessable and our hidden fear patterns tangable. And of course – we won’t force anything and give space for dances within but also beyond the comfort zone – as you like.

Location: Studio 202, Level 1, 16-20 William Street, Balaclava
Fee: $180 full or $170 conc, $25 reduction for earlybirds (deadline Nov 1).
Contact: Josef Lehrer –, 0403 167 584


Joerg Hassmann & Daniel WernerJoerg Hassmann & Daniel Werner