David Corbet

You may have noticed on the front cover that this edition is actually two! Due to production difficulties we decided to hold over material and produce a double issue for the end of 2003. Here it is.

The effort of sustaining a magazine such as Proximity is considerable. For the past six years I have toiled long and hard to keep things going. There has been a lot of support along the way, not only all the people who contribute or offer praise (it helps so so much!) but those who have delved into the actual mechanics of putting together an issue. Thank you particularly to Paul Roberts, Wendy Smith, Hellene Gronda and Ann-maree Ellis for their time, energy and support in editing and producing this magazine. Sounds like itís all over doesnít it? But itís not. Not yet anyway.

In this bumper edition you can read an interview from Catherine Magill with Michael Baker and Fiona Gillespie, the organisers of the Nelson Lakes Mountain Jam in New Zealand. Also from New Zealand comes the writing of Kristian Larsen, examining the role performance improvisation in the field of contemporary dance plays in the relationships, status and values of dance makers.
Paul Roberts interviews Andrew Morrish in the first part of a two part series, which covers performance practise, language and movement, and the value of being an artist. In 2000, Hellene Gronda interviewed Nancy Stark Smith while she was in Australia. Ann-maree Ellis has edited this interview to share the wealth of knowledge and inspiration supplied by Nancy.
And finally there are two reviews of dance performances. The first is by Vicki Kirwin reviewing Weave Movement Theatre, a mixed ability dance/theatre company based in Melbourne, Australia. The second is a review of the Ballet Frankfurt by Lori Ortiz, who witnessed their final performance under the direction of William Forsythe.

Enjoy. Contribute. Dance.

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