<proximity> began in 1998, as an Australian-produced magazine devoted to new dance/movement and improvisation practise. It has a focus on Contact Improvisation, movement improvisation and other related forms.

In 2013, <proximity> is relaunching as community-driven multi-authoured blog.

<proximity> has always relied on reader contributions. We accept unsolicited articles.

In fact, we’d love you to send something in for us to publish. Send us your articles, thoughts, ideas, teachings, prose, poetry, recipes, reviews, photos, drawings, comments and feedback.

<proximity> is a tool and a resource for those who choose to use it. We hope to encourage polemic and debate within the field of movement/dance and improvisation. We also hope to offer an opportunity for people to articulate their practise/investigations and share their knowledge.

We are currently getting our archive up to speed. here you’ll be able to find info on past magazine editions.


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